Network Damage

Well, I’m back from a trip out of town. When I got in this evening, a bunch of my computer equipment wasn’t working.

  • Two UPSes are not working. One is totally not working at all, the other trips when the power goes off.

  • The firewall, DSL modem, CSU/DSU does not light up. I tested the power supply and it appears to be fried. Hopefully a new transformer will fix that. Meanwhile, I have no Internet.

  • Several ports on the switch are not working for any hosts. I don’t know if the router and access point work or not since there is no Internet.

  • My main workstation appears to have blown the network card. I have spares on hand.

I’m guessing that they had some bad weather here. We had lots of wind, rain and tornadoes where I was (Louisville, Kentucky) so it’s possible that there was something here as well.

When I came home, the gate in front of the apartment complex was open and turned off. It has a sign that said to drive through the middle gate. My guess is that I’m not the only one who is about to file an insurance claim.

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