Blacklight Tatoos

I’ve often wondered if it would be possible to make an invisible tatoo that shows up under a blacklight. this site shows that it is possible. Some of the effects are pretty neat.

I’ve never thought of anything that I would want to keep around forever, plus there is a social stigma of having a tatoo in later life. Many surveys indicate that the majority of people regret getting one. Still, the idea that there’s something there and only I know about it has a sort of spy-thriller appeal.

I’m still not sure I would do one of these. The article says that the skin irritation can be visible up to a year. While the ink is “safe,” I have seen some of my ultraviolet inks turn yellow with time. With fair skin like mine, that would make it visible in daylight.

I think I’ll stick to paint and glowstick juice, but I thought this was neat enough to comment on.

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