Build a Better Alarm Clock and They Will Wake Up

While reading my RSS feeds yesterday, I came across these alarm clocks. They’re being blogged all over right now.

Sea Urchin Looking Alarm Clock
Exploding Puzzle Alarm Clock

The sea urchin one (a concept model, not actually available) supposedly bounces around so you have to chase it down to turn it off. The puzzle “explodes” the pieces so you have to find them and reassemble it to shut it off.

I have fairly high sleep inertia. I can get out of bed early if I really need to (such as to catch an early morning flight) but if I don’t absolutely have to, it’s really hard to get out of bed (or to go to bed). I’ve often thought about what kind of alarm clock I could make that would force me to get up. Maybe something that could create a big mess I would have to clean up if I don’t get up. The problem for me is staying up. I can wake up, walk around, check the mail and crawl back into bed if I wanted to. Putting the alarm clock across the room does not present enough challenge to really wake me up. Maybe I should keep a Mountain Dew next to the bed and take a few gulps when I hit that first snooze bar.

I also thought this device was fun. My brothers are really hard to get up. You pull the pin and toss it in the room with someone who is sleeping. 20 seconds later it starts beeping and honking and won’t stop until you reinsert the pin. This means the sleeper has to find the person who tossed it in to get the pin back. It might make a fun gift for mom. I don’t think I should carry it on the airplane, however.

Alarm Grenade

Since the blogosphere has exploded over these, it makes me think I should explore some of my ideas on building other designs.

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