Cancelled XM Radio

For all the reasons mentioned in my earlier post, I cancelled my XM Radio today. It’s actually been more than two months since I even had it on. In brief, my complaints were:

  • Not commercial free as advertised

  • Cool channels got cancelled(SpecialX, Discovery Channel)

  • Many channels are boring and repetitive

  • Audio quality is poor (i.e. Comedy channels have an audience twice as loud as the comic, traffic channels overcompressed and hard to understand)

  • Largest shareholder is Clear Channel Communications, a giant monopolistic radio station conglomerate who eats up radio stations just to shut down competition and actively lobbies for laws that decrease fair public use of the radio waves.

On the flip side, I have heard a rumor that the “cancel code” sent to your radio stops after a few months, and if you leave the radio off during that time it will not get cancelled. I guess this fall I will try it out and see what happens. If not, I’ll just put it on eBay.

Now, off to find a good MP3 player for pod casting and BitTorrenting.

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