DragonCon 2005

This has been one of the better years for me. For starters, I haven’t had to work part of the weekend, so I’ve been able to stay at the con longer.

The economy seems to be up from last year – at least more people were in costume.

The very best part was that the folks at put on a “Gonzo film festival” that was just terrific. They found all sorts of short films like upcoming indy film trailers, Adult Swim material, old G.I. Joe safety clips, 80s Saturday morning cartoon commercials and intersitionals, cool clips from Sesame Street and the Muppet Show, etc. It was a fantastic mindblur of cool intellectual stuff, ephemera, and nostalgia. What a rush for 300 people to scream “and knowing is half the battle – GI JOE!” or sing along with one of the counting songs from Sesame Street. They also were giving away huge cans of Jolt cola. I rarely see it to begin with, but these we’re nearly double the length of regular cans. They were very light and I was able to squeeze one hard enough to make it pop the screwtop. They look more like mortar shells than soda cans. I really need to find where to buy them. The only downside was the incredible volume of swag they were giving away. It took several hours of trivia to fairly distribute what must have been two pallets of swag.

The drum circle was excellent, although some extra HVAC would have been nice. Lots of good grunge and techno music was around. I have many new artists to try and find music from. DragonCon last weekend was a blast!

My panel went about the same as last year.

The track I worked on had lots of technical problems with my recording equipment. If I do it again next year, I think I’m going to rent equipment the week before so I can test it all out. We’re likely to have less than 50% usable footage. We went an entire day without recording ability at all and 1.5 days with wrong settings or something that blew the sound out of gamut.

Costs were: $50 parking, $50 food, free badge for working ($85), about $10 worth of supplies for working, $50 in donations to groups, and a $22 T-shirt. So, expect that it was a typical conference and cost about $300 for the weekend.

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