First Week In My First House

So, I picked up the keys to my house a week ago. This being my first house, the process continues to be a little different. Here are the main points:

  • Unlike an apartment, they don’t repaint between tenants. They don’t clean either. Oh, and furniture tends to cover damage to the walls and carpet. So far, I’ve spent more than 25 hours cleaning. The place wasn’t a disaster or anything. The sellers were not slobs. But it did take a long time.

  • Landscaping needs water. It looks like the sellers didn’t water for a while and all the flowers and plants are wilting. It also takes a lot of time to stand there and water them. Sprinklers and timers are your friends.

  • Follow the directions on cleaning chemicals carefully. For example, I own a steam cleaner, but it was not able to remove some of the stains (probably tea or coffee) from the upstairs carpet. I did, however, find a great chemical called Forex that is getting it out. I sprayed it in and tried to suck it out with the steam cleaner. That didn’t work at all. I guess the chemical doesn’t mix with water because when I followed the directions and blotted it out with a towel, it worked great. The chemical was cheap, in a white bottle, isn’t caustic, and doesn’t smell. I highly recommend it.

The upstairs of the house needs more carpet cleaning (and possible replacement) plus repainting. I don’t have time to do that for several weeks. I finally came up with a great idea. Since I’ve always wanted to try living in a loft, I’m going to put all the furniture on the lower level. That leaves 4 rooms – the bedroom, bathroom, living/dining/office/kitchen, and the garage. That will also allow me to work on the upstairs without having furniture all over the place.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn this week.

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