Gallery vs. Flickr vs. Something else

I’m thinking about buying a Flickr account to post photos to. I’m up in the air about it. My giant photo site, which has more than 2000 photos, is hardly trafficked. It gets an average of only two or three visitors a day. I would like to extend that some. Flickr’s community would allow that to happen, but it doesn’t have a very good way to track statistics.

I’m also a little annoyed with Gallery, which I’m using to run my current photo site. It’s a nice product and has a good API for things like Galllery Remote, but the package itself is bloated. I don’t need voting and all the other stuff that it comes with. I would also like to be able to organize photos in more than one dimension. For example, I would like to separate black-and-white vs. color vs. 3D, but also group photos by topic. Flickr doesn’t support this either, which makes me hesitate to switch to them. Maybe they’ll support it in the future, I do not know.

The real solution, of course, is to write my own software. I’d like to drive it from MySQL so I can pick up the speed. Gallery runs slowly as the tables get big. Even on a dedicated test server sitting next to me, it can take 10-15 seconds for the home page to load on a well-stocked site. Anyway, since you can download your data from Flickr using XML, I might give that a try. I really don’t have time to write my own gallery software right now. Maybe that would be a good project over Christmas break.
I don’t know. I sure have a lot of other neat projects I’d rather work on first…

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