Half-Way There – Blog TODO

I’m nearly half-way through my blog test period, but have a few features I want to get under control first:

1) We’re having some glitching with the database at the data center. I don’t want to officialy launch this and add to the database load until that problem is stabilized.
2) I want to get my own customized URL rewrites working. The documentation for rewrites is really poor and most of the demos and tutorials address specific cases and examples without really explaining them. I’m not fully satisfied with WordPress’s permalink formatting.
3) I want to build my own theme. I wouldn’t delay launching if the theme isn’t ready. In fact, it just gives me something to write about. I’m trying to think of something postal that centers around my experimenting with the post office, but I want a new handle/moniker to call myself if I do that and I haven’t found a good one with an open domain name. Barring that, I’ll create something “circuit board” looking like my calling cards. I also want something that allows text to wrap around photos.

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