Lightning Damage Draws to a Close

The lightning incident from last weekend has drawn to a close. The insurance company settled the claim within 24 hours of my reporting it. Actually, they were kind of pushy to settle the claim. They truly wanted to get me paid as fast as possible. They mailed me a check the same day. I’m impressed. Two years ago, my car was broken into and my new laptop was stolen. They also paid that claim quickly. So, with both of these claims, I am ahead on my renter’s insurance. They are still ahead on my auto policy and overall they are still making a profit on my business, but the profit margin is pretty narrow.

I cashed the insurance company’s check on Friday, went shopping at Fry’s Saturday, and had installed everything today.

My internet company, Speed Factory, did a great job getting their end fixed. I called them and told them that I needed a new modem. They offered to ship it same day or let me pick it up. I opted to pick it up. They had it ready to go and programmed. I did enjoy meeting some of the people I’ve talked to over the last 2 years. Their service has been outstanding and they were very quick to get me back on-line.

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