Minor Lag

While it might seem as though I have ignored this blog for a week or so, I’ve actually been working on it each day. I have a bunch of half-written posts that I just haven’t finished writing and posting yet. It is nice to have some interesting material in advance, or at least a list of ideas for those weeks when I’m just working or get writer’s block.

I want several of the articles to be auto-submitted to the various blog trackers, so I want to wait to go live outside the firewall before I do that.

In a radio interview on NPR, Wil Wheaton said that the most important part about becoming a writer is to write every day – even if it isn’t always good. This makes sense in that things usually don’t “get good” until several layers of editing and months of work. That’s obviously not going to happen around here, so we’ll just have to make due.

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