MP3 Disc Player is Neat

Two weeks ago I got an MP3 player. Most of them on the market are made by Sony, but since my $2000 Sony Viao laptop failed after less than 60 days and Sony refused to fix it, I refuse to do business with them. I got a “Memorex” player for $23 at Target. It works great. It isn’t super fancy or nice, but it does the job just fine.

On my trip to Kentucky, I listened to lots of podcasts and downloaded techno shows. I really enjoyed it… especially the ability to fast forward through slow spots. The player ran for an average of 9 hours – a full MP3 disk.

I’m also enjoying it in the gym. I haven’t had a portable player for several years and have never “exercised” with music. It’s great and makes quite a difference. It feels like it makes my treadmill jog about 40% easier. I made a workout mix that starts with Bedrock’s “Beautiful Strange” from What the BLEEP do we know? and escalates to some techno remixes of spy movie themes (James Bond, Mission Impossible, etc.). It’s nice to close my eyes, listen to the music, and trod along.

The problem I’m having, however, is that my car doesn’t have a direct way to hookup the MP3 player. I’m using a small radio transmitter (the one that came with my XM Radio) that plugs into the headset jack on the MP3 player and transmits the audio to an empty FM radio station. The problem is that some new stations have appeared in Atlanta and there are no frequencies that are completely free of interference. I wonder if there is some way to disconnect the car’s antenna or something…

The real solution is to install an MP3 Player/radio in the car. My only problem with that is that the last time I looked at them, they didn’t come in black to match the rest of the console in my car. Maybe that has improved, or maybe I can have it airbrushed. I don’t know.

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