No Human Checkout at Home Depot

The Home Depot near me has had 4 of the Self-Checkout machines for about two years. They function okay once you learn the various quirks of the machines like (a) they have vending machine cash acceptors, so pay with a credit card to save time, (b) you have to put a scanned item in the bag before you can scan another item, and if you have multiple of the same item, you have to scan each one instead of one multiple times, (c) don’t move once you start or it will mess up.

Anyway, when I was there this evening about three hours before closing, there were NO HUMAN LANES OPEN, only the Self-Checkout lanes were open. The world did not come to an end. So far, I’ve only had to stand in line to use them once.

Home Depot still has human checkout lanes, and I assume that when they are busy some of the human lanes are open. I just find it interesting that more low end jobs are being eroded away. I don’t know what people without college degrees will do in the future. Personally, I plan to get a robotic lawn mower with my home instead of hiring a minimum wage landscaper.

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