Paying with Pennies Works! – Causes Change

After paying my car tag in pennies for several years, we’re finally seeing some change. The Tax Commissioner’s office has finally linked up the insurance and emissions databases and allowed us to do the paperwork on-line. They did charge me a $4.60 fee, but usually there is a $1.00 mail-in fee anyway. The $3.60 is about what it would cost me to send it certified mail, so, since I’m running late this year it seemed to make sense.

The on-line thing it still doesn’t allow you to do a change of address, but I was pleased that I did not have to enter any information about my insurance or my emissions inspection – it pulled that up automatically. The system even allows you to purchase the “special” tags on-line, although I did not see an option for vanity plates.

The system does require you to enter a number from your registration papers, so if you didn’t get them you are shit out of luck and get to stand in the line on your birthday. Well, it’s progress even if it isn’t perfection. Best part for them… there’s no way to pay with pennies over the Internet.

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