PhreakNic 9.0 Commentary

Well, I’m back from PhreakNIC again, where a good time was had by all. The conference seemed a little tamer this year than previous years, yet it was a weekend well spent.

Here are some neat highlights:

  • A nice briefing on extended WiFi links. Technical in nature with lots of math. Yum!
  • A good demo of Blender
  • Jason Scott’s BBS documentary
  • Vehicular computing, demoed on a 1981 DeLorean, complete with flux capacitor (Sorry, no time circuits or Mr. Fusion.)
  • MythTV demonstration
  • Demo of Croquet
  • Demo of the TinyURL file system from Acidus, in which he discovers there is no limit to the URL length you can use for tinyurl and ultimately creates a WORM file system from it.

As usual, the hotel was pretty good. The WiFi access was up about half the time and the staff was very tolerant, appreciative, and helpful.

I only have two comments on improvement. First, the t-shirts are thin. I have shirts from PhreakNIC 2.0 that I still wear, but I don’t think these will hold up as well. Second, some of the talks, while done very professionally, were below the scope of an event like PhreakNIC. For example, I don’t think a room full of social engineers and dumpster divers really gained much from the Identity Theft presentation. Of course, since I didn’t submit a paper, I should not complain.

Congratulations to everyone who put on the show this year. You all looked much calmer than in the past and I didn’t really see any issues, so you did a good job covering up. Thanks again for all your hard work. See you again next year!

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