Psychology of Writing The Blog

I’ve done about 50 entries in the blog now. I’m getting slightly better at posting regularly. I’m sure some posts are a little innate, but I’m trying to be frequent in addition to interesting.

I have noticed a couple of things about blog writing that I didn’t expect that are just differences in the medium or the format.

First, when I choose pictures, I’m looking for an almost panoramic composition. I’m now thinking about that format in addition to the usual 4:3 for backgrounds, vertical for posters, 3:2 for mouse pads, square for calendars, etc.

The other thing is that there is a field for an “excerpt” or summary of each post. I like to think of myself as being a pretty brief and concise person, but I now realize that sometimes I’m overly conversational when I write and highly detailed when I verbalize. It’s good practice to try and condense the entire post into three or four sentences.

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