Refilling the Fedex Box

Resupplied Fedex Drop Box
This Federal Express box at my post office was out of supplies for almost a year. I had called FedEx twice and asked them to refill it. Both times the operator told me it would be taken care of. Months went by with no supplies.

Then one day I caught a driver there and asked him about it.

“Oh, we don’t provide supplies there anymore,” he replied. “People just steal them.”

When I called FedEx again, they told me that was absolutely not true and that they would contact the terminal manager and have them refill the box.

Several months later, and no supplies, another post office patron next to me in line suggested that someone should just order free supplies on their account and refill the box.

What a brilliant idea! Not only would I be helping all the other FedEx customers who got stuck with no envelopes or airbills, but I could poke fun at FedEx in the process. So, I did it.

Well, my supplies lasted about two weeks before they ran out. I ordered more and restocked the box. But to my surprise, the supplies never ran out.

I had secretly marked my supplies and discovered that someone else was reloading the box! Then one day, the new type of FedEx Pak appeared. Could it be? Did I convince FedEx to restock the box? It’s been supplied for 2 months straight.

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