HOWTO Remove Simpson “Unpossible” quote from Gallery 2.0

I’m testing Gallery 2.0 and am pleased to report that it has many of the improvements I was hoping for in a previous post. It still seems to lag in terms of speed, and some features like watermarking don’t seem to work, but the fact that it is using a MySQL database makes it much easier for my to write my own display scripts and still use things like Gallery Remote without programming my own API.

The biggest thing that bugs me is the “Unpossible” link at the bottom of every page that links to an MP3 clip from the Simpsons. It’s a cute quote and I like that episode, but it’s not very professional. I also don’t know if we’re cleared to use that clip or if Fox is going to sue everyone. It’s not very easy to get rid of and I didn’t find much about it on Google. So, here’s how to make it go away. Hopefully the search engines will pick up on it.

It looks like someone added it as a joke to celebrate the 2.0 release. Here is how to remove it. In the modules/core/classes directory, look for a file called GalleryTemplateAdapter.class. Go to line 580, which says case 'gallery2-version': and change the case to anything else. In my case, I used case 'gallery2-version2': Save the file and you are done.

Good luck, and thanks again to all the hard workers who have made Gallery such a useful and successful product! Thanks!

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