Slow Blogging

Whew. A month and a half has flown by without much blogging.

Well, not much bloggable stuff has been going on. It’s hot and humid outside and we’ve had lots of rain. That’s been slowing down cool outdoor activities. I’ve been working on a couple of development projects (about 5 at once, actually) and none of those are bloggable yet (some never will be.) Then some other time-wasting projects have popped up. I had to de-mold the HVAC system, and the shelves in my closet collapsed and scrambled everything. My closet is big – about the size of a small self-storage locker. I knew getting sidetracked was a risk when I started blogging again.

Anyway, I’m starting to break free from the doldrums again and have a few things to blog about. I’ve also finished burning a stack of CDs for friends with more Italy pictures, so I’m kind of excited to start writing about those too.

Look forward to a few posts about things like –

  • my trip to the new IKEA store,
  • fixing up my bike and doing some street riding,
  • maybe some modifications to my bike,
  • hopefully a few road trips,
  • a more detailed write up about my trip to Italy (along with a bunch of photos),
  • DragonCon and
  • a new on-line handle and site design.

So, long story short, I expect to have more to write about in the next few weeks, so don’t drop your feed just yet.

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