I Sold my TV on Craig’s List

I sold my last television on Craig’s List this week. It was a tiny 11 inch that I got from a college roommate who upgraded. I didn’t use it much, having slowly weaned myself off broadcast (and cable) television several years ago.

A few weeks ago, a big shelf in my storage closet collapsed (metal fatigue, probably) and caused me to clean the closet. The TV sat on a top shelf that had about 3 feet of vertical clearance. So, this small television was taking up a lot of cubic feet of space and never getting used. I’ve kept it and a VCR around for those oddball times I want to watch an old VHS tape or something, but the last few times I have needed to do that, I hooked up my camcorder to the VCR and jacked it in on the firewire to my laptop so I could use headsets.

It’s heavy and doesn’t have much value, so I decided to try and get rid of it on Craig’s List instead of eBay or GoodWill. I listed it for $10 and indicated that they must pick it up as I wasn’t interested in boxing and shipping it. Within two or three hours, someone e-mailed and said they’d take it. That was really easy and there were no fees.

If you are cleaning out your closet and want to just get rid of common “stuff,” I recommend giving them a shot. Remember that they are classified ads and that users won’t sift through them for oddball stuff. I tried to off-load some broken routers and a Silicon Graphics workstation, but there were no takers. Probably too specialized.

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