Talking about road rage

On my way to the post office there is a place where the lanes change kind of weirdly. One lane turns into a “left turn only” lane, but doesn’t have any signs that warn your of this. The other lane goes straight. I was in the straight lane today and a Suburban accidentally found themselves in the turn only lane, but decided to go straight anyway. The soccer mom veered into my lane and probably never saw my small sedan. To encourage her to not fully pull into my lane (into me) while I slowed down, I horned the hell out of her.

As it turned out, we were both going to the post office, which is a popular destination on April 15th. She went into the post office and got in line to mail her taxes. I couldn’t resist talking to her. “Sorry I had to horn you back there. I just wanted to make sure you saw me and didn’t accidentally hit me. I wasn’t trying to be rude or anything.”

The expression on her face was classic and it took a good 30 seconds for her to put all the pieces together in her mind until she remembered getting honked at. She said she didn’t know what she did so I explained it to her and drew a little diagram. After that, she understood and was very grateful that I helped prevent an accident.

I suggested that she get a circular, wide-angle mirror for the passenger side of her truck and that she watch more closely for smaller cars and motorcycles. She appreciated the tip on the mirror, we exchanged good-byes and went on with our day. It was kind of a nice experience.

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