Update Service Bug

I had been “future posting” for a while, but noticed that posts scheduled into the future were not getting passed to the update services. Usually when I can sit down and write I do several articles at once.

Anyway, since I want the services to pick up my posts, I stopped setting future dates, planning to just do them manually for the time being. I just haven’t had time to investigate the code to see if what I think I’m seeing is really a bug or not. It might just be a matter of perspective. Maybe they were indexing all the articles on the date I published them, even though they didn’t appear.

In other blog news – some statistics…

Looks like I got about 90 visitors last month, 20 came from bots. I’m on some of the search engines, and they are picking up some decent search terms. It looks like I have at least one RSS subscriber.

Ping-o-matic appears to get about 40 submissions per second.

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