Christmas 2005 Update

Well, Christmas is about over. I’m with my parents now and so far everything is going pretty well. Mom insisted on building a campfire outside last night and singing Christmas songs, but the weather was warmer than most years so it wasn’t too bad.

I got all of my gifts done in time, although many were finished at the last minute and I paid quite a bit in Fedex fees to get things done on time this year. Most of my Christmas cards will be late. The envelopes kept jamming in the printer. I’m not sure what is up with that. On the flight out of town, I realized that I could probably print them upside down and it would work better.

All of my gifts were well received, as far as I know… except perhaps that my brothers didn’t get the significance of Mentos and Diet Coke. Gifts received this year include:

  • Many books from my Amazon wish list including Fruits, Zombie Survival Guide, Batman Handbook, and Natural Paint Book.

  • Bonus books of How To Be a Villain, and The Bush Survival Bible
  • A new set of Matrix DVDs (mine were stolen.)
  • An LED glowstick
  • Neat pour spouts for my wide mouth Nalgene bottles
  • A MAD magazine
  • Some magnets, wooden puzzles, camouflage duck tape, glasses for the kitchen, and some yummy chocolate chip cookies. I also got a shipment of Harry and David. The pears looked sad, but the chocolate looks yummy.

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