No Parking Zone

It really annoys me when police officers park in the fire lane to get lunch or turn on their lights and sirens to get to the donut shop.

On a couple of occasions I have stopped police officers and pointed out their fault – in a friendly way, of course. Usually I let them off with just a warning.

Well, a while back the fire department was getting lunch and parked their big fire truck in the regular parking area. It took up several spaces, of course, but I thought it was amusing how the fire department didn’t even park in the fire lane. I really wanted a picture of that.

Anyway, today I got a picture of the fire truck parked in the regular parking. It completely made my day. It was getting ready to pull away when I saw it, but I quickly ran up to it and asked if they would wait a minute for me to get my camera. They were amused and suggested making a “parking ticket” for police cars.
Firetruck parked at the grocery store

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