High Power Rocket Launch

Photos from a Rocket Launch - Click to enlarge
This weekend’s fun was attending a high-powered model rocket launch, sponsored by Huntsville Area Rocketry Association. They got permission to use a huge sod farm for their launch, plus a waiver from the FAA for flights up to 12,000 feet.

The group was mostly made up of adults, although there were a few kids, some of which were quite young. It was neat to see them all participating together. Some kids, of course, don’t grow up… they just get bigger toys. I never built rockets as a kid (except for a 5 minute one as a quick scout project, but I didn’t get to launch it), but it was neat seeing how different designs, many of which I recognized from the venerable Estes catalog, performed.

The sod farm was also neat. I never really gave any thought to where it comes from. The field was a kid’s dream. So many fun things could be done with it – ball parks, kite flying, model airplanes, etc. I thought briefly about what it would be like to own such a business, but then I realized that it was a lot of lawn to mow. Never mind.

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