New Design

Yeah, it’s finally here! I finally figured out enough WordPress/XHTML/CSS stuff to finish my new blog design.
I’ve been trying to change my alias for a while now.

The old one was okay, but it was what people called me briefly in 3rd grade when the movie WarGames came out. Few people remember it and there’s several other people using it. It’s kind of neat that it is a real-sounding name, but I think it is better to use one that signals to people “this is an alias that I’m giving you” rather than to purport to be someone else.

Dreaming up a trademark is tough work. It’s very hard to think of globally available names. CypherGhost, after more than 100 other ideas, fit the bill. The domain name was available. Google produced no hits. All trademarks were available.

CypherGhost came about partly because of my cypherpunk interests (cryptography, anonymity, etc.) and because I tend to be invisible in social situations. I’m not particularly introverted or anything, but I frequently make suggestions or comments that just go in one ear and out the other. A short time later, someone else will think of the same idea and, all of a sudden, the idea is brilliant. I just consider myself ahead of my time, but it’s an eerie and recurring phenomenon.

New business cards, and of course hacking the CallerID again, will come later when I get more time.

I’ve been holding off on some blogging until I get the design out the door and I just never seem to have time to finish it. It’s taken a lot of work to figure out the quirks in the way WordPress works. The pages aren’t XML valid yet as there is some conflict with the blocks on un-numbered lists, but the pages seem to be displaying okay, so I’m going to push it out the door anyway and fix those details later – hopefully before this blog is a year old (March 17th).

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